Top 10 Pet Costume Ideas

What is Halloween without including our beloved pets? Just like babies, it so fun to dress them up in whatever we like! What makes it so cute is they have no idea that they look like something else…and their irritable faces make them even more irresistible. Check out these 10 funny and sweet pics of pets in costume! Happy trick or treating!!

1.  Alligator

Top 10 Pet Costume Ideas


2. Hot Air Balloon Dog

Dog in Hot Air Balloon Costume

3.  Tiger Shark

Tiger in Shark Costume

4. Cowboy Hamster/Guinea Pig Horse

Cowboy Hamster/Guinea Pig Horse Costumes

5. Chester The Chicken

Dog in Chester the Chicken Costume

 6.  Pups and Robbers

Dogs in Pups and Robbers Costume

7. Wonder Woman Dog

Dog in Wonder Woman Costume

8. May the Force Be With You

Dog in Star Wars Costume

9. Dinosaur Kitty

Kitty in Dinosaur Costume

10. Pirate Dog

Dog in Pirate Costume





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