Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats: AVMA Weighs In on the Controversy!

As many pet owners are aware, a controversy has been brewing for many years regarding whetherRaw food diet for dogs- controversy! or not feeding a raw food diet to dogs and cats results in a healthier pet. Raw food diets are made up of raw meat, bones, and raw vegetables. These diets are heralded by some as being made up of ingredients that closely mimic what our pets’ ancestors would have eaten in the wild, and therefore are more healthy for them. Alternatively, there are significant health concerns for pets and people handling raw food diets regarding salmonella and e.coli poisioning. For additional information on benefits and concerns of raw food diets for dogs and cats, click here.

On August 3, 2012, the American Veterinary Medical Association passed an amendment to their policies regarding the recommendations of raw food diets to pet owners. In essence, the amendment changed the language of the policy from “never feed” raw foods to “avoid feeding” raw foods.

How Does the Raw Food Diet for Dogs Amendment Impact Pet Owners and Veterinarians?

What does this amendment change mean to pet owners and veterinarians? The American Veterinary Medical Association has no regulatory responsibilities. That is, veterinarians who are members of the AVMA are free to make recommendations and practice medicine as they deem appropriate based on their patients and experience.  However, this amendment does provide an official position about raw food diets from a leader in the veterinary industry.

From this author’s point of view, the most important aspect of selecting a food for your pet is to be sure that it contains all the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to be healthy. Talk with your veterinarian about your preferences in pet foods, and make an informed decision.

Read it for yourself! Click here to read the AVMA blog about this change.

Click here for an informative video about this amendment!


  1. There is no way I would ever feed my dogs raw food. I don’t trust that this kind of diet wouldn’t have salmonella. The food we buy is tested for salmonella and other dangerous things like melamine, and because Natural Balance is one of the only companies that does this, it is all we will buy. We check our bags on their website all the time.

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