Pet Nutrition – Hills, Burns, and Other Brands of Pet Food Products and Nutritional Supplements

Pet Food Nutrition and Your Pet’s Well-BeingPet Food Nutrition and Your Pet’s Well-Being


Is your pet unusually sluggish and seemingly in a bad mood? Why not look into the hill of pet food it is wolfing down?


Pet nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your furry family member in good shape. As a pet owner, it is crucial that you understand the needs of your pet for it to remain bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Just like humans, pets need to eat the food that they really need and not just what they want to. Like human beings, they require a complete and balanced diet to stay healthy. This includes fresh water, protein, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates. Among these, the most essential is water. The body of a mature dog is composed of 60 percent water, while that of a puppy is 84 percent. That is why, if your dog loses as little as 10 percent of body water, this could spell out trouble. Balanced amounts of the other food nutrients must be given to ensure optimal nutrition and to avoid the unwanted effects of consuming more than what it needs, for example, obesity.


You must also realize that, although cats and dogs are both carnivorous, they differ in nutritional requirements, especially protein needs. Even more so if you have an exotic pet, seek your vet’s advice on what food to feed it. Thanks to pet food products, you can easily pick the proper food for your pooch or kitty right off the shelf or order online instead of having to prepare it yourself from scratch. Let us get to know some of these pet nutrition products.


Pet Nutrition Products to Nourish Your Best Buddy


Today, an expansive selection of pet nutrition products are available in the market. Some known makers of pet food products include: Waltham, the producer of such popular pet care brands like Pedigree and Whiskas; Petcurean Pet Nutrition, which offers grain-free food products; Proper Nutrition, Inc., the producer of Seacure hydrolized fish which you can buy in bottles of 120 chewable tabs or 180 capsules; and Hill’s Pet Nutrition which will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.


Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition is one of the important trailblazers in pet nutrition, which began in 1939 with one exceptional veterinarian. Many decades and veterinarians after, Hill’s continues to make its Prescription Diet® products, which are premium quality therapeutic food products that are designed to benefit dogs suffering from kidney disease, as well as the Science Diet® line of products. If you have not tried their products yet, or if you simply want to view some discounts, visit their website as they often offer free trials and discount coupons.


Hills Pet Nutrition Careers


If you find you are interested in starting a career in this industry, you can view Hills Pet job opportunities as well. Jobs span across fields, including pet food technology, veterinary positions, administrative posts, such as financial analyst, and jobs in sales and marketing. You can submit your resume online or simply create an online profile.


Hills Pet Nutrition Headquarters


The headquarters of Hill’s is in Topeka, Kansas. If for any reason you wish to contact this company, you can reach them by phone through their toll-free number: 1-800-445-5777 during office hours (CST), or you can send your communication by mail addressed to Consumer Affairs through their P.O. box address: P.O. Box 148, Topeka, KS, 66601-0148.


Natural Pet Nutrition


The trend for homeopathy and natural and organic products has seeped into the pet nutrition market. Today, many companies are harping on about their respective holistic, all-natural or organic ingredients for their pet nutrition products and supplements which promise not just to nourish your pet, but treat certain health problems, such as eczema, runny eyes, arthritis, tooth tartar, and several other conditions. One such company is Burns Pet Health.


Burns Pet Nutrition


Using carefully chosen natural and healthy ingredients, Burns makes holistic dog and cat foods. These ingredients are hand-picked to serve their respective benefits to be a factor towards total health. These food products are designed to ensure that the health of every organ in your pet’s body is maintained for an overall sense of well-being. The recipes for the holistic dog foods of Burns were developed in Scotland but are now produced in the US.  These were patterned after a combination of macrobiotic and traditional Chinese nutritional techniques for health. These products include Brown Rice and Chicken, Brown Rice and Ocean Fish, and Mini Bites. Its cat food products fuse Chinese and Western herbs to ensure the right conditions for health. Like Hill’s, you can score a Burns discount coupon or two to make your purchase more affordable.


Is Pet Nutritional Supplement Really Necessary?


Pet nutrition serves as the pillar of strength to the health of your pet. No pet nutritional supplement can take the place of the freshest food available to ensure health and combat diseases. Nevertheless, some pet owners top up pet food products, especially processed ones, with supplements to ensure optimal health. These include digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, and multivitamins.


Pet Nutrition Centers


There are other things besides pet food that our four-legged buddy need to make it happy, healthy and frisky. This includes teeth cleaning and proper grooming, as well as non-essential services, such as pet photography. Examples of pet nutrition centers include; Pupologie in Encinitas, California; the American Pet Care Center in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, or the pet nutrition center nearest you.


Pet nutrition is one major aspect of raising and caring for a pet as it has a direct impact on the health and well-being of your furry playmate. Hence, utmost attention must be devoted to it.


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