Pet Health Insurance – Ensuring Animal Health Care of Your Dog, Cat and Other Pets

Ensuring Animal Health Care of Your Dog, Cat and Other PetsWhy is Pet Health Care Insurance Becoming More Important?


You might be wondering why pet health care insurance plans are becoming more important to us today but if you are a pet lover and owner, you already know why. Try to consider the following scenario. Your dog is ill and the veterinary bills are filing up, you are given the option of putting your dog down or selling your most valued possession just to buy the necessary medicine. If you had pet health care insurance you would not have had to ponder these options.  The coverage would take care of it for you. If you think that an insurance plan is not affordable, think again. There are a lot of affordable pet health care insurances out there and you can always shop around for the best deal.


Pet Health Insurance Sets Foot on New Grounds


Pet health care insurance has become more important as pets become a greater part of our family. A lot of treatments that used to be confined only to humans are now available to pets as well. Veterinarians can now perform kidney transplants, hip replacement surgery or surgery for cancer which means that your little pooch would also need some serious health care coverage.


What is Health Insurance for Pets?


So what is it exactly? Pet health insurance is generally for dogs and cats but there are options  that will cover other animals as well. Just like your own health insurance, the policy includes premiums and deductibles and it can be tailored to fit your specific financial need and that of your pet. Things like the age of your pet, any pre-existing illnesses, where your pet lives (indoor or out door) and other pertinent information are all taken into consideration when signing up for the policy contract. As to the kind of care, this would depend on the kind of policy that you bought. Some policies are comprehensive enough to cover all sorts of illnesses including vaccination routines while others are limited only to injuries and accidents. If you think that the one you’ve got is a bit limited, you can always opt for an upgrade to VIP for an extra fee.


What Should You Look for in Animal Health Insurance for Your Pet?


As important as animal health insurance is, there are a few things that you should look for in order to know that you are getting a good deal from it. You should see these requisites in the policy, otherwise, look for another provider.


1. Availability

Although we all want a cheap premium, you don’t want a policy that will make you travel 20 miles because their accredited clinic is located only in a few areas. This defeats the purpose of having insurance especially when you have an emergency. You should be looking for insurance that has enough accredited veterinarians and clinics so that your pet can get the most out of it.


2. Unlimited coverage

You should be looking for unlimited coverage because you just don’t know what sort of illness will hit your pet. This is especially true if your pet has some hereditary or pre-existing illness. In this case, you should not wait until the pet gets really ill before you look for a comprehensive coverage.


3. Steady rates

In most cases, premiums will get more expensive as your pet gets older. Although the benefit is still higher than when you have to pay for medications and other expenses, you should still look for a coverage with steady premiums.


4. Coverage for prescriptions

There are insurance coverage that do not include prescription drugs. You should stay away from this one because as you might have guessed, prescriptions drugs are more expensive than over the counter drugs and clinic stay. Don’t forget to make this clear to the insurance representative before you decide to buy the policy.


In case your pet got sick, you would usually have to pay for the treatment first and apply for compensation later. Keep in mind that most pet health insurances have a maximum limit to compensation benefits.

How to Choose the Right Dog Health Insurance for Your Loyal Pet


Most dog owners know that owning a dog includes a regular visit to your vet. If your dog is not sick, the visit can cost around a hundred dollars but when your dog is sick, it can escalate to around a thousand dollars. So why not get pet health insurance instead and let the insurance company shoulder the burden? Here are some things that you need to look for when choosing one for your dog:


1. Routine program

This is perhaps the most important coverage to have. You have to remember that a typical visit to a vet will cost around $100 and even more, especially if your pet is still a puppy. This type of policy can cover things like vaccinations to other routine care such as heart worm tests, checkups, deworming and dental care; things that most puppies need.


2. Major catastrophe

There are policies that work similar to our own health insurance which handles only major catastrophes and injuries. This type of policy handles things like lab fees, medications, X-rays, reconstructive surgery, bone scans and CT scans. If your dog suffers from a serious injury, chances are, it might need some of those procedures mentioned above.  This can be very expensive if you have to pay on your own.


3. Deductibles

In most cases, policies that cover major catastrophes and injuries have deductibles in them. Ask your representative if the one you have has it. In most cases policies have a limit in their payout which can range from $2000-$4000. The deductibles would, of course, depend on the type of injury.


4. Pre-existing illness

Make sure that your policy covers pre-existing and hereditary illnesses. This is very important because you would definitely spend money on this if your dog gets sick due to a pre-existing condition. If your policy does not pay for these types of illness, be prepared to spend a good bit of money as pre-existing conditions are bound to worsen.


5. Rating

Choose an insurance company that has received decent rating reports and has a good reputation. The best thing to look for when choosing a company is its longevity in the business. If the company has been around for some time and there have been no major complaints filed against it, then you can presume that it is a good option. In order to choose the right pet health insurance policy, make sure that you know what you want your dog to be protected from.


Things You Should Know Before You Buy Cat Health Insurance for Your Bewhiskered Pet


When buying a pet health insurance for your cat, you have to remember that you are making a gamble. You are hoping that your pet will need what you paid for while the insurance company hopes that it won’t and if it will, you must know what are the limits imposed by the fine print. Here are the things that you need to know when you buy a pet health insurance for your cats:


1. Does the company have a good network of providers?

If the insurance company does not have a good number of providers then you will have to go to places where you can find their accredited clinics and vets. This will be a problem especially in times of emergencies wherein you cannot afford to drive for extended distances because your pet is in a life-and-death situation. The ideal situation would be to pick an insurance company that has a vast network of service providers and they have one near you.


2. Are there certain exclusions?

When buying insurance policies, you have to be aware of the exclusions because you might think that your pet is covered from all forms of illnesses only to find out that it’s not, at a time when you most badly need the coverage. Remember that when an illness is listed as an excluded condition or occurance, the insurance company will not pay you even if your pet is dying.


3. What are the co-pays and deductibles?

You also need to know about co-pays and deductibles because you might be expecting that everything will be handled by the insurance companies when in fact some will only provide a deductible of a maximum of $100 and others require a co-pay of 20% of the professional fee of the vet.


4. What are the lifetime caps?

Most insurance companies provide a cap or maximum amount that they would pay for every procedure or illness. Some even have a yearly cap in which no coverage will be provided when you exceed that limit within a year.


5. Are there any other benefits and savings?

There are companies that offer some discounts if you have a lot of pets to enroll. This is very cost effective for those who have so many pets to provide coverage for. Although you have to pay for a lot of pets, you still can save because of the discounts.


These are some of the things that you need to know when you need to buy a pet health insurance for your cats. Knowing these things can prevent a lot of frustrations because you are more aware of what you are getting into.


What is the Rule of Thumb When Making Pet Health Insurance Reviews?


When in the market for a coverage for your pet, you have to make a pet health insurance review. You should not just pay for the first insurance agent that comes your way, you have to make a wise choice. As a rule of thumb when buying coverage, you, as the consumer, should get the benefits that you pay for. That being said, you should also know what you are buying by making a good comparison. When a coverage is cheaper, this can mean that it is not as comprehensive and there are certain illnesses that your pet may not be covered for. This is not necessarily wrong for as long as you are fully aware of its limitations. The more expensive the coverage is, the more comprehensive it usually is, but even the there may be certain limitations which you may not like, so all the same, you have to know.


In order to educate yourself, there are plenty of online resources that deal with reviewing the difference between various insurance companies. Different companies have different merits but few of the most famous in the market today are Trupanion Pet Insurance, Purinacare Pet Health Insurance from Purina, VPI, Metlife Pet Health Insurance and AKC. So far, these have the best ratings from customers.


ASPCA Pet Health Insurance – Help Your Pet While Helping a Cause


The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has a pet health insurance plan called ASPCA pet health insurance and they offer coverage for just about any animal including exotic ones. This is heaven sent for all pet lovers because you no longer have to pay for expensive medical bills just to take care of your favorite pet. The ASPCA pet health insurance is very easy to obtain; all you have to do is provide some sort of medical history of your pet and it can cover for all qualified expenses except those that are pre-existent and hereditary.


Although there are other insurance companies out there that can offer similar or even better coverage for your pet, only ASPCA pet health insurance donates 10% of your premium to ASPCA shelters. As you may have already guessed, there are ASPCA shelters in various US states like California and Florida and outside the US, countries like Canada and Australia have their own ASPCA centers as well. This means that a good amount of what you pay them goes to providing shelters for abandoned pets worldwide. By buying a policy from them, you are not only getting a coverage for your own pet, you are helping to provide a shelter for other less fortunate pets as well.


In this pet health insurance review, you have learned how to protect your cats, dogs and other animal pets with ASPCA pet health care insurance and why it is very important to have a coverage for your pet.

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