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Dog, Homemade diets and pet nutrition – Balance IT®Many people have elected to feed their pets home cooked diets rather than commercially prepared diets. The reason pet owners elect to do this are for various reasons. Some pet owners believe that a commercial diet was part of the cause for their pet to develop a particular disease condition such as kidney disease or cancer. Some pet owners believe that avoiding preservatives and ingredients thought to be undesirable, such as grains, will improve their pet’s health. Some owners have pets whose appetite is poor because they are finicky or have illness and feel a home-prepared diet is more palatable and likely to be eaten by their pet. Regardless of the reason, it is estimated that over 2.5 million dogs and cats receive the majority of their calories from home cooked foods deficient in key nutrients like calcium, iron and taurine which can lead to severe problems like fractured bones, anemia, and heart failure.

Balance IT® formulated homemade diets

Balance IT® is a revolutionary nutritional system that allows pet lovers to prepare completely balanced and healthy meals for their dog or cat using common human foods. Created by board certified veterinary nutritionists, Balance IT® allows pet owners to choose from over 70 different combinations of common human foods in an easy to use online three-step process. Since Balance IT® is created by board certified veterinary nutritionists, pet owners can be confident that they are feeding their pet a very balanced diet while feeding them a home cooked diet. Selecting one of the combinations gives a pet owner access to around 400 unique recipes in the Balance IT® “cookbook” developed by a team of board certified veterinary nutritionists. Based on the pet’s age, weight and type of animal, the software uses very sophisticated means of formulating a recipe to meet the specific needs of each individual pet. As a result, Balance IT® can generate tens of thousands of unique recipes and help provide the best custom diet possible. In the process of formulating a diet, the recipe gives the option of producing the diet with human supplements or products produced by Balance IT® that provide the necessary supplements to provide the complete and balanced diet.

The program allows owners to formulate homemade diets for their healthy pet. In situations where animals have specific illnesses for which a diet is being formulated, the recommended diets have to be authorized by the owner’s primary care veterinarian. Diets often involve the need to purchase Balance IT® supplements, called blends, to help provide the complete and balance diet. The Blends allow people to simply cook their favorite meat or protein source with a fortified carbohydrate such as potato or oats using recipes conveniently included on the product label or using free recipes available online. The special blends greatly reduced the amount of measuring and steps involved in making fresh pet food. A fee is sometimes necessary to obtain special formulated diets for animals with health problems.

Unlike most recipes online or even in books, Balance IT® formulates every recipe to the specific pet’s or patient’s nutritional needs. In doing so, approximately 40 separate important nutrients are evaluated in every recipe generated. Balance IT® will not generate a recipe if the formulated levels of a nutrient are too low or too high for a pet or patient. Often times, recipes cannot be formulated with human supplements as requirements for pets varies from that of people. Balance IT® products are designed specifically for and only to be used with precisely formulated homemade pet food recipes and are designed by experienced board certified veterinary nutritionists. Further information and videos regarding Balance IT® can be found at www.balanceit.com.  Great pet nutrition with homemade ingredients is just a click away.

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