Holiday Safety for Dogs and Cats

The holiday season is upon us, and keeping our pets safe should be in the front of our minds whenHoliday Safety for Dogs and Cats we are planning celebrations with friends and family. Here are a few tips for holiday safety for dogs and cats (and out of the veterinary emergency clinic) this holiday season:

  • Many holiday decorations can be fascinating to our pets, and if played with too roughly, can cause injury. Keep glass ornaments out of the reach of all dogs and cats. Small decorations that can be easily swallowed should also be displayed out of reach.
  • Be sure to think about tinsel if you have cats at home. Cats seem to love playing with tinsel, and if swallowed, can cause serious blockages that can result in surgery to remove.
  • Some holiday foliage can be toxic to pets. Mistletoe and poinsettias are two ubiquitous decorations at this time of year that can cause sickness in pets.
  • Boxes of chocolates are common hostess presents. Be sure to keep them away from your dogs, because chocolate is toxic to pets.
  • Never allow your pets to enjoy any libations that are stronger than water. Alcohol may be festive and fun for people, but it can make your pets very ill.
  • Delicious and rich foods are also common around the holidays. Be sure not to “treat” your dogs and cats with portions from your holiday meals. Ham, turkey, gravy, etc, can cause pancreatitis in pets who are accustomed to a much lower fat meal.

So, what CAN you do to celebrate the holidays with your pets? Give healthy treats of raw green beans or raw carrots for your dogs. Cats might like a special bag of commercial treats to snack on. Many pet owners (the author included) enjoy giving special presents to their pets during the holiday season.

Be sure to plan your holidays so that you can enjoy them with your pets. However, make sure to keep them safe so that your pet will be with you for many holiday seasons to come.

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