Funny Cat Jokes

I have shared my life with many cats over the years. Currently I have two kitties, one you can see in my author photo below, and a new addition, a white female. As anyone who owns cats knows, their antics are what make them fun to invite into our lives. I am always on the look-out for fun websites that demonstrate the humorous side of pet ownership; funny cat jokes. I came across a website that collects funny photos of cats, I tried to highlight a few of photos that best described the amusing antics that cat owners live with, however there were too many to choose from. Instead, I located some that have a common theme; bathtime! Enjoy, and please check out their website!

Funny Cat Taking a Bath







Funny cat winks while getting a scrub










Wet Funny Cat




Funny cat feeling refreshed










Hopefully you are feeling inspired to go and give your own cat a bath. If so, you may be greeted with this expression!

Funny cat's tongue hanging out

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