Fire Safety when Taking your Dog to Work

As the administrator of a veterinary hospital, I have spent time thinking about what to do inFire Safety when Taking your Dog to Work the event of a fire or earthquake to ensure that our patients are safe. For those who are able to take their dogs with them to work, this is something that you should consider too! More and more people are taking their dogs with them to work each day. There is no doubt that having your dog at your side can make a stressful day go by a little more quickly. Keeping your pet safe in an emergency, however, is something to be considered and practiced.

One company’s strategy for ensuring pets’ safety when taking your dog to work

 Trupanion is a pet insurance company, and arguably one of the most pet friendly companies I know. The majority of their workforce brings their dogs (and some cats) with them to work each day. Their safety committee took some time to develop a fire evacuation plan to ensure that all employees and pets get out of the building safely in the event of a fire. Watch the video below to see how their fire drills were run!

As you are designing your own fire safety plan, consider incorporating information about how pets might act during a real emergency. Click here to learn more!

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