Fairness to Pet Owners Act of 2011- Jim Matheson’s Logic Behind this Proposed Legislation

Congressman Jim Matheson of Utah authored the Fairness to Pet Owners Act of 2011 for several reasons. On his website, he lists the following:

  1. He wants to be sure that every pet owner is given a written prescription so that they can have the opportunity to shop various sources for their pet’s medications. Although Mr. Matheson concedes that the American Veterinary Medical Association advises veterinarians to offer written prescriptions to all pet owners who request one, he indicates that he wants pet owners to have the opportunity to save money on their pet’s prescriptions through shopping various sources without having to ask.
  2. Specifically, Mr. Matheson cites a study by LHK Partners which he believes indicates that veterinary hospitals tend to mark-up the cost of pet prescriptions to an amount that is considerably more than what a client could spend at an alternative source.
  3. Finally, Mr. Matheson indicates that the ability of pet owners to shop for the best prices on their medications may mean the difference between pet owners being able to keep, or surrender their pets for financial reasons.

Below is a video of Mr. Matheson explaining his rationale on a local television news show.


To learn more about what this bill specifically requires of the professional veterinary community, click here.

To learn about the response to this bill from the veterinary community, click here.

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Angela Linvill

Angela has been the Hospital Administrator of a multi-specialty/ emergency/ and general practice veterinary hospital since 2005. She is also the Chair of the Contra Costa County Employer Advisory Council. Angela has a Masters of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Troy University. She is committed to helping pet owners make good decisions about the health care of their pets regardless of their financial situation.

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