Does Classical Music Soothe Cats?

Colorado State University researchers are planning to study the effects Cats and Classical Musicof classical music on cats’ moods. They hope to include 50 cats and observe their reactions while visiting the veterinary hospital there, while either listening to classical music or no music. In humans, listening to classical music lowers blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, and pain levels. Other animals including rats, monkeys, and dogs have showed decreased anxiety levels when classical music is played.

Veterinarians and cat owners can be hopeful that the study confirms what we wish, which is that cats will be less anxious if they are listening to classical music. Cats visit the vet less frequently than dogs, mostly because cat owners don’t want to subject their pets to the stress of veterinary visits. Because of this, vets are concerned that cats may not be receiving the veterinary care that they need on a regular basis. If classical music was playing during the car trip, and in the waiting room and exam rooms of veterinary hospitals, it could make for a more pleasant visit for all.

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Dr Jill Christofferson

Jill Christofferson, DVM is an experienced veterinary general practitioner. Her professional interests include ophthalmology, dentistry, and reproduction.

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