Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats: AVMA Weighs In on the Controversy!

As many pet owners are aware, a controversy has been brewing for many years regarding whether or not feeding a raw food diet to dogs and cats results in a healthier pet. Raw food diets are made up of raw meat, bones, and raw vegetables. These diets are heralded by some as … [Read more...]

Pet Food Recall: Diamond Pet Food

The Food and Drug Administration initiated a pet food recall of Diamond Pet Food due to a Salmonella contamination. The FDA has reported several issues and violation of food safety laws at a Diamond Pet Food plant in Gaston, South Carolina that have lead to Salmonella … [Read more...]

Pet Nutrition: Raw Food Diets

Raw food diets are suggested by some individuals as a preferred diet in dogs and cats for many health benefit reasons. These diets are sometimes referred to by the acronym “BARF” diet, which stands for “bones and raw food” diet or “biologically appropriate raw food” diet. … [Read more...]

Pet Nutrition – Hills, Burns, and Other Brands of Pet Food Products and Nutritional Supplements

Pet Food Nutrition and Your Pet’s Well-Being   Is your pet unusually sluggish and seemingly in a bad mood? Why not look into the hill of pet food it is wolfing down?   Pet nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your furry family member in good shape. … [Read more...]

Reporting Pet Food-Borne Illness

Compared to other causes of poisoning in dogs, food-borne illness is much less common than other sources such as drugs, insecticides, plants, rodenticides, and cleaning products.  However, pet food problems such as contamination, nutrient deficiency or other causes of health … [Read more...]

Commercially Manufactured Pet Foods are Very Safe

In the past, when pets were fed largely table scraps and improperly cooked fresh food or commercial diets, the risk of intestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea were common.  These days, the risk of food borne illness is rare.  This is due the fact that most pets in … [Read more...]

Pet Nutrition Needs Vary Depending on your Pet

Dogs and cats have different nutritional needs as they transition from birth into adolescents, adults and finally geriatrics.  It is important with pet nutrition to feed diets that are designed for these different age groups, which represent different physiological states of … [Read more...]