Rabies in Dogs and Cats

What is Rabies in Dogs and Cats? Rabies is a viral disease capable of infecting ANY mammal, including humans, dogs, cats, wildlife, and production animals. It is not carried by, nor does it affect, birds, reptiles, fish, or any other non-mammals. Insects, ticks, and other … [Read more...]

Zoonotic Diseases: What Can I Catch from My Dog or Cat?

Diseases that affect both humans and other animals are called “zoonotic diseases” or “zoonoses” (pronounced zoh-oh-no-sees). This article is a brief overview of some key zoonotic diseases, focusing on risks to humans. In all cases, the summaries and recommendations apply to … [Read more...]

Zoonotic Diseases in Dogs and Cats: Ringworm

Zoonotic diseases are those that can be transmitted to people from dogs or cats. It is important to treat these diseases when they are noticed to prevent illness in pet owners. Ringworm is a fungal infection, its misleading name being carried over from the old and … [Read more...]