Hot Spots in Dogs

Hot spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis or moist pyoderma, are a common skin problem seen in dogs. Hot spots in dogs appear when a dog chews, licks or scratches at an area of skin. The hair is quickly removed and a red, moist, often painful area of skin appears. Hot … [Read more...]

Skin Disease in Cats: What is Ringworm?

Ringworm is the most common infectious skin disease in cats. It is caused by a fungus or dermatophyte, not a worm, and is highly contagious to other animals as well as people. The most common dermatophyte isolated is Microsporum canis, followed by Microsporum gypseum and … [Read more...]

Mange in Dogs: Causes of Mange

Mange is a generic term for hair loss caused by a mite infection of the skin in dogs. It is caused by one of two mites which infect dogs, either Demodex or Sarcoptes. While dogs with mange might appear similar, the two diseases are very different. Mange in Dogs: … [Read more...]

An Owner’s Guide to Differentiating Between Various Signs of Skin Disease in Dogs

Skin disease in dogs is a very common problem and it can have numerous causes. If your dog is suffering from a skin disease it can be confusing to you and uncomfortable for your pet. It may be helpful to try to distinguish between the different common skin diseases that dogs … [Read more...]

Treatment Options for Dog Skin Disease due to Allergies

Skin diseases in dogs are very common and some of the time they can be treated at home.  If your dog continues to suffer despite your treatment, a visit to your veterinarian will be required. Allergies cause the majority of dog skin disease. Dogs can be allergic to fleas, … [Read more...]