Feline Pancreatitis – Treatment

The recommendation for treatment of feline pancreatitis is largely supportive care.  The ability of veterinary practitioners to diagnose pancreatitis in cats has improved dramatically during the last 10 years, but our ability to treat it has not changed much during this … [Read more...]

Pancreatitis in Dogs

The canine pancreas is an organ that is located next to the stomach and first part of the small intestines.  It is composed of 2 parts: the smaller endocrine portion, which is responsible for secreting hormones such as insulin and glucagon, and the larger exocrine portion, … [Read more...]

Pancreatitis in Cats

Pancreatitis is a condition of significant inflammation in the pancreas.  The pancreas is located next to the stomach and the first part of the small intestinal tract.  The function of the pancreas is to release certain hormones into the blood stream and to release digestive … [Read more...]