6 Causes of Dog Seizures: Signs And Prevention

Source: Pexels Dogs are some of our greatest companions and valuable extensions of the family. As a result, when our lovable friends experience severe issues like seizures, it can be hard to know what to look out for or even to see what you can do for them. What we may not … [Read more...]

5 Symptoms of Liver Disease in Your Dogs

Liver disease is one of the most common ailments in dogs. This condition is easily treatable, yet many pet owners wait until it is too late to speak to a veterinarian. If you’re noticing signs of trouble with your dog or just want to remain vigilant, we’ve put together five … [Read more...]

Liver Disease in Cats- Diet Recommendations

Diet recommendations for cats with liver disease vary depending on the underlying liver disease.  Similar to dogs, cats can develop inflammation, infection, and cancer in their liver.  Diets that are specially formulated for liver disease in cats often have high quality and … [Read more...]

Liver Disease in Dogs- Diet Recommendations

Dogs with liver disease have different dietary needs then a healthy dog.  Depending on the severity of liver disease in dogs, the percentage of protein that they need and can tolerate is variable.  The liver makes different proteins, such as clotting factors and albumin, so … [Read more...]

Copper Storage Liver Disease in Dogs

Copper is an essential trace element that dogs need in order to be healthy. The liver is the main organ that contains copper and releases it to be used in other parts of the body. Although it is a required nutrient, copper can reach high levels within a dog’s liver that are … [Read more...]

Liver Disease in Dogs and Cats: Portosystemic Shunt

A liver shunt (portosystemic shunt) is a condition where the normal blood flow is diverted away from the liver to the heart.  Congenital liver shunts in small breed dogs typically occur outside of the liver (extra-hepatic) and large breed dogs typically occur within the … [Read more...]

Chronic Liver Disease in Dogs

Chronic hepatitis is a form of inflammatory liver disease that occurs in dogs. There are multiple potential underlying causes, such as infection, breed predisposition, drug-induced, copper toxicity, or idiopathic. The term idiopathic is used when the underlying cause is … [Read more...]

Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

Fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis) in cats occurs most frequently when an overweight cat has a dramatic decrease in the amount of food they eat over the course of days to weeks.  Often times there is an underlying medical condition, such as pancreatitis, that will cause … [Read more...]