Heartworm Disease in Dogs: Treatment

Heartworm disease in dogs is potentially life threatening as it can cause permanent scarring of the lungs and heart failure if left untreated.  Once the diagnosis of heartworm disease is made, and your vet has evaluated your dog and determined that treatment is safe, there … [Read more...]

Heartworm Disease in Dogs: Diagnosis

Heartworms in dogs are diagnosed in every state in the United States, but in some areas it is more prevalent than others. There are several different tests which may be used to diagnose heartworm in dogs. It is important to understand the different diagnostic tools as many … [Read more...]

Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Heartworms in dogs occur almost everywhere in the United States, although some regions have a much higher infection rate than others. This easily-prevented disease in dogs can lead to heart failure and potentially death. Learning about the complex lifecycle of the heartworm … [Read more...]