Cushing’s Disease in the Cat

Cushing’s disease in the cat is not nearly as common, well-understood, or easily treated as in the dog.  In both species, the condition is characterized by an overproduction of cortisol from the adrenal glands. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that is … [Read more...]

Cushing’s Disease in the Dog- Surgical and Radiation Treatment

This article summarizes the various treatment options available for Cushing’s Disease in Dogs using surgery and radiation. Click here to learn about treatment options for Cushing's Disease using medications. Surgical Removal of Adrenal Tumor In cases of Cushing’s disease … [Read more...]

Cushing’s Disease in the Dog- Medical Treatment

Several medications have been developed to manage Cushing’s Disease in Dogs. The first was a derivative of DDT called Lysodren, trade name Mitotane (chemical name ortho para prime DDT). This medication has been used successfully for thousands of dogs over the years. More … [Read more...]

Cushings Disease in the Dog- Diagnosis

Dogs with fully developed Cushing’s syndrome usually take on a classic “Cushingoid” appearance. This collection of clinical signs includes hair loss on the body and sparing the legs, thin skin with veins showing easily, and a “pot bellied” appearance.  Click here for … [Read more...]

Cushings Disease in the Dog- Symptoms

Dogs typically develop Cushing’s syndrome slowly over time and signs may be easy to miss.  (Note: Symptoms are indications of illness not observed by others that patients report, whereas signs are indications of illness that are noted by others.  Although we may infer a … [Read more...]