Degenerative Myelopathy: Everything You Need To Know

Degenerative myelopathy is a spine cord disease that affects some dogs as they get older. This is a serious disease that results in paralysis in death. There is no known cure, and some dogs are born predisposed to developing this serious health condition due to a mutation. … [Read more...]

Eight Symptoms Of Feline Distemper And What To Do

Feline distemper is a virus that affects the blood cells of infected animals. It is sometimes referred to as feline parvovirus or feline panleukopenia virus. You will probably come across the abbreviation FPV as well. This virus is extremely contagious and can result in … [Read more...]

6 Causes of Dog Seizures: Signs And Prevention

Source: PexelsDogs are some of our greatest companions and valuable extensions of the family. As a result, when our lovable friends experience severe issues like seizures, it can be hard to know what to look out for or even to see what you can do for them.What we may not … [Read more...]

3 Things You Can Do When Your Pet Is Having Difficulty Breathing

Here's 3 Things You Can Do When Your Pet Is Having Difficulty BreathingImage Source: PexelsYour pet is not just an animal; they are a member of your family. If you find that your pet cat or dog is having problems breathing, it is essential to discern the cause and administer … [Read more...]

5 Symptoms of Liver Disease in Your Dogs

Image Source: PexelsWhen it comes to caring for your furry friend, thinking about diseases, both in the short and long-term, just isn’t a pleasant experience. However, your pets are going to depend on you to do everything you can to keep them healthy and disease-free. And … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Common Cancers in Dogs and Cats

Cancer is a scary and common fatal disease among humans, cats, and dogs. Learn what the most common cancer is and how you can prevent your pets from getting sick. The 5 Most Common Cancer Types in Dogs and CatsLike people, dogs and cats fall ill. Certain … [Read more...]

When Should You Worry About Lymphoma in Dogs?

You are likely aware that lymphoma is a form of cancer that impacts both humans and dogs. Hearing that your dog received its first canine lymphoma diagnosis, could be particularly concerning and troublesome. However, there are more than 30 types of canine lymphomas, each of … [Read more...]

Tick-Borne Diseases: Signs, Symptoms, And Prevention

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors or have a beloved pet that ventures outside, you'll want to learn about tick-borne diseases. In addition to spreading Lyme disease, ticks can cause a host of other health ailments. Read here for more information.Tick-Borne … [Read more...]

5 Effective Home Remedies For Dog Constipation

If you've discovered that your canine friend is suffering from constipation, you will want to help your dog regulate their digestive system quickly. In addition to seeking advice from a veterinarian,  read here to learn more about effective and safe home remedies to … [Read more...]

3 Possible Causes Of Your Dog’s Low Red Blood Cell Count

Just like humans, dogs can also experience anemia and a low red blood cell count. Contrary to humans, canine anemia is not dependent on an iron deficiency. Despite a loving and caring dog owner's efforts, sometimes a canine can experience unwanted health problems.Thankfully, … [Read more...]