The Complete Guide to Dog Vaccinations

Before you head out and adopt that puppy your kids have been begging you for, you want to educate yourself on what shots your new furry baby will need. This illustration may not be your specific situation, but it’s safe to assume that you found your way here because you are … [Read more...]

Homemade diets for the best pet nutrition

 Best Pet Nutrition Options Many people have elected to feed their pets home cooked diets rather than commercially prepared diets. The reason pet owners elect to do this are for various reasons. Some pet owners believe that a commercial diet was part of the cause for their … [Read more...]

The problem with urine accidents in carpets

Pet odor Removal Urine accidents in the carpet tend to be some of the more difficult accidents to treat because of the volume of fluid that is deposited into the carpet and how deeply they penetrate. A quick wiping up of the mess and spraying of a pet odor eliminator … [Read more...]

Effective commercial products that eliminate pet odors and stains

  The market is saturated with products that are designed to remove pet odors and stains, many of which never perform as well as they promise. Many of the products on the market are designed to trick people into thinking the problem is fixed by covering up the … [Read more...]

Pet stains and odor

  Owning a pet dog or cat is a wonderful experience. However, no matter how much we love our pets, no one loves cleaning up their messes. Perhaps the biggest downside to owning a pet is contending with accidents left on furniture and carpeting. Owning a new puppy … [Read more...]

Siberian Husky

  The Best and the Worst of Pure-Bred Siberian Huskies Siberian huskies are a breed that is predisposed to a variety of disease, particularly neoplastic, ocular and dermatologic. Some of these diseases have known genetic factors, while others are anecdotal. To … [Read more...]

Monitoring a cat with diabetes

  The Diabetic Person Typically a person with diabetes will monitor their blood glucose levels frequently throughout the day. Based on their blood glucose levels they can adjust what they eat and the amount of insulin or oral hypoglycemic medication they take. It is … [Read more...]

Top 10 Pet Costume Ideas

What is Halloween without including our beloved pets? Just like babies, it so fun to dress them up in whatever we like! What makes it so cute is they have no idea that they look like something else...and their irritable faces make them even more irresistible. Check out these … [Read more...]

Spoken like a true Pomeranian!

"I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house." … [Read more...]

Funny Life Quote!

"When a man opens the car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife." … [Read more...]