Eye Disease in Dogs: Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a painful eye disease in dogs where there is an increase in the pressure within the eye. This increase in intraocular pressure results in compression of the nerves and blood vessels that supply the visual layer of the eyeball, called the retina. If left … [Read more...]

Ask a Vet: Dog Bad Breath

My dog's breath is really gross. What can be done? Bad breath is a common complaint among dog owners. It can be hard to enjoy being close to your dog when his breath drives you away. While identifying dog bad breath is easy, finding the underlying cause may be more … [Read more...]

Does Classical Music Soothe Cats?

Colorado State University researchers are planning to study the effects of classical music on cats’ moods. They hope to include 50 cats and observe their reactions while visiting the veterinary hospital there, while either listening to classical music or no music. In humans, … [Read more...]

Dog and Cat Dentistry- Anesthesia Free?

Anesthesia-free dentistry is available in many locations, from pet stores to grooming facilities to mobile vans. This hand scaling involves using a small sharp instrument to remove tartar and plaque from the surface of the pets’ teeth while it sits in the lap of the person … [Read more...]

Dog Bite Prevention Week!

May 15- 21, 2011 This week marks the 17th   year of Annual National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Each year in this country almost 5 million people are bit by dogs. About 20% of these victims require medical attention, most of them children. Almost 30,000 people undergo … [Read more...]

Choosing a New Pet for Your Family

Choosing a pet for yourself or your family is an important decision as you will have to live with that pet for the next 10 to 20 years. The first thing to consider is what type of pet to get. Cats are definitely easier to care for than dogs, but for some children, they … [Read more...]

Managing an Overweight Cat’s Health

It is estimated that about 25% of the cats in the United States are overweight and an additional 25% are obese. Overweight and obese cats are at higher risk for developing diabetes, fatty livers (called hepatic lipidosis), lameness, and skin problems. Both diabetes and … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Dog Healthy: The Importance of Regular Dental Care

While some owners know that bad breath coming from their dog’s mouth can indicate a tooth problem, most owners are unaware that maintaining proper oral health in their dogs can prevent not only bad breath, but tooth loss and pain as well. Click here to learn more about the … [Read more...]

Keeping your Cat Healthy: The Importance of Regular Dental Care

It can be difficult to assess pain in cats accurately as they are stoic animals and hide pain well until it becomes severe. This can make it difficult for cat owners to detect whether their cat has painful teeth. For this reason, it’s important to have your cat’s mouth … [Read more...]

Can Sleeping with your Pet Make You Sick?

A recent study published by the Centers for Disease Control has received a lot of press. The study, conducted by a Veterinary Epidemiologist from UC Davis and a Public Health Veterinarian from Sacramento, suggests that sleeping with your dog or cat can lead to infectious … [Read more...]