Hot Spots in Dogs

Hot spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis or moist pyoderma, are a common skin problem seen in dogs. Hot spots in dogs appear when a dog chews, licks or scratches at an area of skin. The hair is quickly removed and a red, moist, often painful area of skin appears. Hot … [Read more...]

Ask the Vet: We Found Abandoned Kittens!

In this short video, Dr. Jill Christofferson explains what you can do if you find abandoned kittens.   … [Read more...]

Skin Disease in Cats: What is Ringworm?

Ringworm is the most common infectious skin disease in cats. It is caused by a fungus or dermatophyte, not a worm, and is highly contagious to other animals as well as people. The most common dermatophyte isolated is Microsporum canis, followed by Microsporum gypseum and … [Read more...]

Heartworm Disease in Dogs: Treatment

Heartworm disease in dogs is potentially life threatening as it can cause permanent scarring of the lungs and heart failure if left untreated.  Once the diagnosis of heartworm disease is made, and your vet has evaluated your dog and determined that treatment is safe, there … [Read more...]

Heartworm Disease in Dogs: Diagnosis

Heartworms in dogs are diagnosed in every state in the United States, but in some areas it is more prevalent than others. There are several different tests which may be used to diagnose heartworm in dogs. It is important to understand the different diagnostic tools as many … [Read more...]

Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Heartworms in dogs occur almost everywhere in the United States, although some regions have a much higher infection rate than others. This easily-prevented disease in dogs can lead to heart failure and potentially death. Learning about the complex lifecycle of the heartworm … [Read more...]

Ask a Vet: First Day of Summer and Pet Health

With the first day of summer, what concerns should pet owners consider about the health of their pets? Summer is here!  With the passing of the cold and rainy season, pets and their owners move outdoors. Along with the outdoors come some hazards that can easily be avoided … [Read more...]

Mange in Dogs: Causes of Mange

Mange is a generic term for hair loss caused by a mite infection of the skin in dogs. It is caused by one of two mites which infect dogs, either Demodex or Sarcoptes. While dogs with mange might appear similar, the two diseases are very different. Mange in Dogs: … [Read more...]

Eye Disease in Dogs: Golden Retriever Uveitis

Golden Retriever Uveitis, also called Pigmentary Uveitis, is an eye disease that affects only Golden Retrievers.  It is a heritable disease which usually affects both eyes and can lead to blindness. Anyone who owns a Golden Retriever needs to understand this terrible eye … [Read more...]

Eye Disease in Dogs: Anterior Uveitis in Dogs

Anterior uveitis is a common eye disease in dogs.  It is caused by inflammation of the uveal tract, which contains the iris or colored part of the eye as well as the ciliary body. The ciliary body sits behind the iris and secretes fluid into the front part or anterior … [Read more...]