Artifical Disc Replacement for Dogs?

Noted neurologist, Dr. Filippo Adamo has pioneered a new method for treating Wobblers Syndrome in dogs. He has invented and patented an artificial disc that can be surgically implanted in patients suffering from this debilitating disease. Below is a detailed video illustrating a case study demonstrating the effectiveness of this new technology. 

For pet owners interested in exploring this treatment option for their own pet, Dr. Adamo can be reached at East Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency at (925) 937-5001.

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Angela Linvill

Angela has been the Hospital Administrator of a multi-specialty/ emergency/ and general practice veterinary hospital since 2005. She is also the Chair of the Contra Costa County Employer Advisory Council. Angela has a Masters of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Troy University. She is committed to helping pet owners make good decisions about the health care of their pets regardless of their financial situation.

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  1. Great story. Having treated many ‘wobblers’ the artificial disc route is very interesting and looks promising. There are certainly many potential advantages over fusion. Wish them well with the study and will watch with interest.

  2. avatar Martha Yeager says:

    Do you know of any veterinarians in Georgia, Florida, Alabama or South Carolina who are doing this surgery on dogs? Anyone in the Midwest or Southeast United States?

    1. Artificial disc replacement is currently done on a regular basis at East Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency in Walnut Creek, CA and at the Ohio State University. However, pretty soon any surgeon can do it. Dr. Filippo Adamo will be speaking at an upcoming veterinary surgical meeting in Chicago where veterinary surgeons can purchase the patented artificial discs.

      In Georgia, Dr. Platt at the University of Georgia would be a person to contact. He was really excited about this surgery and wanted to be involved. Another place to try would be at Mississippi State University and Dr. Andy Shore. There is also Dr. Jason Berg in New York and Dr. Jay McDonnell in Philadephia.
      Hope this helps.

      1. avatar Rany says:

        Thank you for your kind words Angelo they are very much aipercpated! Sometimes the internet seems impersonal but it is nice to know that this information is reaching real people with real pets and it might be of benefit. Take care and thanks again. Dr. Donna

    2. avatar Chacha says:

      I love the polihsophy of this vet hospital! I wish human hospital were more like this. The staff here seems to really enjoy the interactions they have with clients and patients and the doctors a have all been very professional every time I come in. They take the time to treat my pets as individuals and for that I thank them.ClarkMaMa