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Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs: Diagnosis

Mast cell tumors are typically diagnosed on the basis of fine-needle aspiration cytology.  Once a mass is determined to be a mast cell tumor cytologically, whether or not additional tests are indicated prior to surgery is dependent on the presence or absence of negative … [Read more...]

Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs

Canine mast cell tumors are the most common type of skin tumor in the dog, accounting for 16-21% of skin tumors.  They occur most commonly in older dogs, but can occur in dogs of any age.  Boxers, Boston terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, Labrador retrievers, golden … [Read more...]

Rabies in Dogs and Cats

What is Rabies in Dogs and Cats? Rabies is a viral disease capable of infecting ANY mammal, including humans, dogs, cats, wildlife, and production animals. It is not carried by, nor does it affect, birds, reptiles, fish, or any other non-mammals. Insects, ticks, and other … [Read more...]

Pet Food Recall: Diamond Pet Food

The Food and Drug Administration initiated a pet food recall of Diamond Pet Food due to a Salmonella contamination. The FDA has reported several issues and violation of food safety laws at a Diamond Pet Food plant in Gaston, South Carolina that have lead to Salmonella … [Read more...]

Pet Food Recall: Purina

On occasion, the Food and Drug Administration will implement a pet food recall due to manufacturing inconsistencies in the production of cat and dog food. The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch reported on May 12, 2012 that Nestle SA is recalling one lot of Nestle Purina … [Read more...]

Causes of Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in dogs.  Below is a list of underlying causes of external ear infections in dogs: Allergies:  Environmental (atopy) and food allergies can cause inflammation of the external ear.  Allergies are the most … [Read more...]

External Ear Infections in Dogs

A dog's external ear consists of a vertical and horizontal canal that is separated from the middle ear by the tympanic membrane (ear drum).  When a dog develops an external ear infection, known as otitis externa, they usually shake their head and scratch their ears.  A … [Read more...]