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Congenital Heart Disease in the Dog: Diagnosis and Treatment

During your puppy's first examination by your veterinarian it is routine to carefully listen for abnormal heart sounds that may suggest the presents of a congenital heart defect. The normal sound is a series of “lup Dub” sound. A murmur is an abnormal sound heard through a … [Read more...]

Comparing Congenital Heart Disease in Dogs and Children

Puppies can be born with virtually the same birth defects of the heart that affect human babies. Treatment of some congenital abnormalities is possible in dogs however it pales in comparison to the sophistication that is available for treatment of children with congenital … [Read more...]

Heart Disease in Dogs: Endocarditis

Bacterial infection of heart valves (bacterial endocarditis) is thankfully an uncommon disease and is unlikely to affect the health of your pet.  Bacterial endocarditis in the dog can develop on any of the four valves of the heart however it typically occurs on the left side … [Read more...]

Heart Disease in Dogs: Tricuspid Valve Disease

The tricuspid valve separates the right ventricle from the right atrium. Click here to learn about normal heart functioning of the dog. The same process that causes mitral valve disease  also causes the degeneration, thickening and eventually inability to tightly seal the … [Read more...]

Comparing Acquired Heart Disease in Dogs and Humans

Acquired heart diseases are those that develop over time rather than conditions that are present from birth (congenital). Though limited similarities exist between heart disease in dogs and people, there are key differences that affect how and when to treat. Dogs do NOT … [Read more...]

Heart Disease in Dogs: Diagnosis and Treatment of Mitral Valve Disease

Diagnosis of mitral valve disease in the dog The rapid, turbulent blood flow created by mitral regurgitation (think of the force and sound created when placing your thumb over a garden hose) can be heard through a stethoscope.  When your pet is examined by your … [Read more...]

Pet Health – How to Care for your Pet’s Health

Nothing Petty About Pet Health   When the furry member of your family gets sick, the others worry. After all, who will be welcoming you with a wagging tail or a playful mewl when you arrive home if Buster cannot walk due to joint pain, or Kitty is grouchy because no … [Read more...]

Pet Health Insurance – Ensuring Animal Health Care of Your Dog, Cat and Other Pets

Why is Pet Health Care Insurance Becoming More Important?   You might be wondering why pet health care insurance plans are becoming more important to us today but if you are a pet lover and owner, you already know why. Try to consider the following scenario. Your dog … [Read more...]

Pet Nutrition – Hills, Burns, and Other Brands of Pet Food Products and Nutritional Supplements

Pet Food Nutrition and Your Pet’s Well-Being   Is your pet unusually sluggish and seemingly in a bad mood? Why not look into the hill of pet food it is wolfing down?   Pet nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your furry family member in good shape. … [Read more...]

Heart Disease in Dogs: Mitral Valve Disease

MMVD (acquired myxomatous mitral valve degeneration) accounts for about 3 in every 4 cases of heart disease in dogs.  It generally affects older, small-breed dogs most commonly, though any dog may be affected.  Predisposed breeds include miniature and toy poodles, Cavalier … [Read more...]