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Tracking Food-Borne Illness in Pets- PETNet

The Partnership for Food Protection and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the launch of the Pet Event Tracking Network (PETNet) on August 1, 2011.  The Partnership for Food Protection (PFP) was established by the FDA in 2008 in an attempt to bring federal, … [Read more...]

Liver Disease in Dogs- Diet Recommendations

Dogs with liver disease have different dietary needs then a healthy dog.  Depending on the severity of liver disease in dogs, the percentage of protein that they need and can tolerate is variable.  The liver makes different proteins, such as clotting factors and albumin, so … [Read more...]

Kyle Marano, DVM

Dr. Kyle Marano is a small animal veterinarian based out of northern Colorado.   His veterinary passions include pain management, soft tissue surgery, and GI disease.  Raised in Connecticut, Dr. Marano has traveled the country with his education pursuits with stops in … [Read more...]

Derek Calhoon, DVM

Derek Calhoon practices general small animal medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area, having completed a rotating small-animal internship at East Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency in 2011. To pursue his passion of promoting the human-animal bond, Dr. Calhoon earned a … [Read more...]

Congenital Heart Disease in Cats- Causes and Treatment

Causes of Congenital Heart Disease in Cats Congenital heart disease is rare in cats. At this time, no breeds have been scientifically proven to be predisposed to any specific congenital heart disease. That said, there is evidence of specific breed predilections to acquired … [Read more...]

Veterinary Therapeutic and Wellness Pet Nutrition Products

Veterinary therapeutic and wellness pet nutrition products are designed to meet specific nutritional needs of pets with specific types of disease conditions.  They are designed to be used under the direction and supervision of a veterinarian.  These products often contain … [Read more...]

Congenital Heart Disease in Cats- Valve Dysplasia

Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia in Cats Tricuspid valve dysplasia is a birth defect where the valve does not form properly (dysplasia means abnormal growth). The abnormal valve does not close properly allowing blood back flow into the right atrium instead of out through the … [Read more...]

Congenital Heart Disease in the Cat- Pulmonic Stenosis

Pulmonic stenosis (PS) is a narrowing of the valve or area above or below the valve.  Like SAS, fixed PS is extremely rare in cats, accounting for only 2% of congenital heart disease in cats.  Blood flow out of the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery is difficult due … [Read more...]

Congenital Heart Disease in Cats- Aortic Stenosis

Aortic stenosis (SAS – standing for Sub-Aortic Stenosis) is a birth defect of the aortic valve.  Fixed SAS, which is most commonly seen in the dog, is extremely rare in cats with only sporadic cases noted over the past 40 years.  This birth defect causes narrowing of the … [Read more...]

Congenital Heart Disease in Cats- ASD

Atrial Septic Defect in the Cat Atrial septal defect (ASD) is a birth defect similar to VSD, just between the atria.  Many times, ASDs are not clinically significant, especially when the defect is small.  As the only defect, ASDs cause left-to-right shunting of blood.  This … [Read more...]