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Keeping Your Dog Healthy: The Importance of Regular Dental Care

While some owners know that bad breath coming from their dog’s mouth can indicate a tooth problem, most owners are unaware that maintaining proper oral health in their dogs can prevent not only bad breath, but tooth loss and pain as well. Click here to learn more about the … [Read more...]

Keeping your Cat Healthy: The Importance of Regular Dental Care

It can be difficult to assess pain in cats accurately as they are stoic animals and hide pain well until it becomes severe. This can make it difficult for cat owners to detect whether their cat has painful teeth. For this reason, it’s important to have your cat’s mouth … [Read more...]

Administering Fluids Under the Skin

Many medical conditions may require treatment with subcutaneous fluids. If your veterinarian has prescribed fluids to be administered to your pet under its skin (subcutaneously), this video will help you to set up your fluid bag and line, as well as how to administer the … [Read more...]

The Benefit of Pet Insurance: A Comparative Approach

When considering if purchasing pet insurance to protect your pet in the event of an unexpected illness or injury, it may be useful to compare pet insurance companies in a real-world situation. Recently, the Veterinary News Network produced this video, comparing the benefits … [Read more...]

Can Sleeping with your Pet Make You Sick?

A recent study published by the Centers for Disease Control has received a lot of press. The study, conducted by a Veterinary Epidemiologist from UC Davis and a Public Health Veterinarian from Sacramento, suggests that sleeping with your dog or cat can lead to infectious … [Read more...]

Do You Need to Worry about Radiation Effects on Your Pets?

Many Californians and residents of other Western States are growing increasingly anxious about the potential radiation cloud that may travel here from Japan. In addition to the concerns about human health, many are concerned about the welfare of their pets and are asking … [Read more...]

Reporting Pet Food-Borne Illness

Compared to other causes of poisoning in dogs, food-borne illness is much less common than other sources such as drugs, insecticides, plants, rodenticides, and cleaning products.  However, pet food problems such as contamination, nutrient deficiency or other causes of health … [Read more...]

Commercially Manufactured Pet Foods are Very Safe

In the past, when pets were fed largely table scraps and improperly cooked fresh food or commercial diets, the risk of intestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea were common.  These days, the risk of food borne illness is rare.  This is due the fact that most pets in … [Read more...]

Eye Disease in Dogs: Common Eyelid Diseases

There are several diseases that can affect a dog's eyelid. This article will summarize three of them, ectropion, entropion, and distichiasis. Eye Disease in Dogs: Ectropion Ectropion is defined by having an eyelid, usually the lower eyelid, which is too long and … [Read more...]

Pet Nutrition Needs Vary Depending on your Pet

Dogs and cats have different nutritional needs as they transition from birth into adolescents, adults and finally geriatrics.  It is important with pet nutrition to feed diets that are designed for these different age groups, which represent different physiological states of … [Read more...]