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Veterinary Care for Pets: The Importance of a Solid Veterinary Team

Finding a veterinary hospital with a friendly, compassionate, and efficient veterinary support team is just as important as ensuring that the hospital offers adequate services and an experienced veterinarian. In most cases, it is the veterinary staff that pet owners talk … [Read more...]

How Do I Choose the Perfect Veterinary Hospital for my Pet?

Whether you have moved to a new area with your dog or cat, you have recently adopted a dog or cat from your local shelter, or you purchased a new puppy from a breeder or pet store, finding a veterinary hospital is an important part of preparing your new life for you … [Read more...]

Vaccinating your Dog: Recommendations

Dogs, like cats, acquire their initial immune system via breast milk in the first hours of life. This special milk, called “colostrum”, contains molecules (“maternal antibodies”) developed by the mother as a result of her vaccinations and disease exposures. Maternal … [Read more...]

Vaccinating your Dog: Core versus Non-Core Vaccines

International veterinary panel recommendations distinguish between core and non-core vaccines. The former are recommended for all pets, the latter are recommended only under certain circumstances. Vaccinations are considered core when the disease is life-threatening, if no … [Read more...]

Vaccinating your Dog or Cat: How Vaccines Work

Vaccines stimulate your pet’s immune system in an effort to reduce the risk and/or severity of an infectious disease. This is accomplished by giving a modified, nondisease-causing version of the organism. Vaccines usually guard against viruses such as rabies, parvo and … [Read more...]

Ask the Vet: Cat Vaccines and Cancer?

Veterinary oncologist, Dr. Stephen Atwater, discusses the controversial and complex subject of feline vaccinations and cancer.   … [Read more...]

Ask the Vet: We Found Abandoned Kittens!

In this short video, Dr. Jill Christofferson explains what you can do if you find abandoned kittens.   … [Read more...]

Causes and Incidence of Congenital Disease in Dogs as Compared to People

In human infants congenital heart defects often have no known cause. They may develop in the unborn baby who is exposed to toxic substances or radiation, but many are believed to be passed on from parent to child. Many heart defects in dogs have been shown to be genetically … [Read more...]

Vestibular Disease in Dogs

Vestibular disease can be a distressing affliction to your pet’s health.  Clinical signs may be as mild as a head tilt to severe as inability to stand.  You may notice random eye movement (called nystagmus), dragging of the feet, incoordination, circling, or flailing. The … [Read more...]

Peripheral Vestibular Disease in the Dog: Causes

There are many possible causes of periperal vestibular disease in the dog. Otitis – Ear infection is a common cause of vestibular disease that affects your pet’s health.  Many times, these infections can start mild and limited to the superficial part of the canal (called … [Read more...]