Voluntary Recall for Primal Pet Foods

On May 28, 2011, Primal Pet Foods, Inc voluntarily recalled their Feline Chicken and SalmonVoluntary Recall for Primal Pet Foods Formula. Primal Pet Foods, Inc produces a line of raw pet foods. The 4 pound Feline Chicken and Salmon formula diet with the code date of 043112-7 is being voluntarily recalled due to a potential contamination with Salmonella. No other pet food formulas are affected by the potential contamination. Additionally, Primal Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled this formula as a precaution. The Food and Drug Administration has not  required this recall.

Click here to learn more about the recall and what to do if you have some of the recalled product.

How Do I Know if my Cat is Sick with Salmonella Poisoning?

While it is common to hear about Salmonella poisoning in people, it is much less common in cats and dogs. Cats and dogs may have retained some level of immunity to bacterial poisonings (like Salmonella poisoning) due to their evolutionary past of hunting and consuming prey animals. If you are concerned about the effects of Salmonella on your cat, however, the symptoms of Salmonella poisoning in a cat typically involve the gastrointestinal tract. Specifically, your cat might stop eating, start to vomit, have watery diarrhea, and be lethargic. These symptoms are often accompanied by dehydration and fever. If you think your cat may be suffering from Salmonella poisoning, it is very important that you seek urgent veterinary care immediately. If left untreated, such a poisoning can result in the death of your cat.

Exposure of Salmonella to humans is especially worrisome in households where potentially contaminated pet food is being handled . People can contract Salmonella poisoning much more easily than cats and dogs. Of particular concern are children, the elderly, and immuno-suppressed members of your household. To learn more about the effects of Salmonella poisoning on people, please click here.

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