Keeping your Cat Healthy: Getting to the Veterinarian

Cats require veterinary care just as frequently as dogs do. However, the incidence of veterinary care visits for cats is dramatically less than the incidence for dogs. One reason may be the challenge of getting your pet cat to the veterinary hospital. Below is a video … [Read more...]

Ask a Vet: Dog Bad Breath

My dog's breath is really gross. What can be done? Bad breath is a common complaint among dog owners. It can be hard to enjoy being close to your dog when his breath drives you away. While identifying dog bad breath is easy, finding the underlying cause may be more … [Read more...]

Administering Fluids Under the Skin

Many medical conditions may require treatment with subcutaneous fluids. If your veterinarian has prescribed fluids to be administered to your pet under its skin (subcutaneously), this video will help you to set up your fluid bag and line, as well as how to administer the … [Read more...]

Dog disease symptoms versus signs of disease in dogs

It is common for people to refer to their dog disease symptoms when describing what they observe with respect to how their dog is doing in relation to a matter of concern.  However, it is less correct to say that a dog is experiencing certain symptoms of a disease.  Instead, … [Read more...]