Everyday Care: Hairballs in your Cat

Hairballs, which are technically trichobezoars, form in your cat’s gastrointestinal tract due to their grooming habits.  They generally occur in medium to long-haired cats.  If you have felt a cat lick you then you know that a cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper.  This is … [Read more...]

Everyday Care: Brushing your Cat

Cats are generally very fastidious and often prefer to groom themselves.  They can spend hours each day grooming themselves and typically do a very good job in keeping their coat appearing healthy.  Although most cats do a good job in grooming themselves it is important for … [Read more...]

Everyday Care: Bathing your Dog

Bathing your dog may be necessary to help maintain a clean coat, or in order to treat certain skin conditions using medicated shampoos. It is important to follow the directions from your veterinarian or on each shampoo bottle specifically, and these are only general … [Read more...]

Everyday Care: Brushing your Dog

All dogs benefit from regular brushing of their hair coats.  Some dogs need to have their coats brushed regularly otherwise they will develop matted or tangled hair.  Sometimes the matted or tangled hair can be combed out, but often times the mats and tangles need to be … [Read more...]

Cleaning and Medicating your Dog’s Ears At Home

Many dogs develop recurrent ear infections (otitis externa). Infections are often a combination of bacteria and yeast which create a foul odor, thick discharge, and painful irritated ear canal. Cleaning and medicating the ears at home, when done properly, can help to prevent … [Read more...]

Keeping your Dog Healthy: Home Dental Care

One important aspect of keeping your dog healthy is consistently brushing her teeth at home. The American Veterinary Dental College recommends that pet owners brush their dog's teeth daily. To a novice, this activity may seem daunting, but with a little bit of practice and … [Read more...]

Keeping your Cat Healthy: Home Dental Care

An important aspect of dental care for your cat is brushing her teeth at home on a regular basis. The American Veterinary Dental College recommends that you brush your cats teeth daily. To desensitize your cat to having his teeth brushed, you can massage her gums with your … [Read more...]