The problem with urine accidents in carpets

Pet odor Removal Urine accidents in the carpet tend to be some of the more difficult accidents to treat because of the volume of fluid that is deposited into the carpet and how deeply they penetrate. A quick wiping up of the mess and spraying of a pet odor eliminator … [Read more...]

Effective commercial products that eliminate pet odors and stains

  The market is saturated with products that are designed to remove pet odors and stains, many of which never perform as well as they promise. Many of the products on the market are designed to trick people into thinking the problem is fixed by covering up the … [Read more...]

Pet stains and odor

  Owning a pet dog or cat is a wonderful experience. However, no matter how much we love our pets, no one loves cleaning up their messes. Perhaps the biggest downside to owning a pet is contending with accidents left on furniture and carpeting. Owning a new puppy … [Read more...]

Pet Health – How to Care for your Pet’s Health

Nothing Petty About Pet Health   When the furry member of your family gets sick, the others worry. After all, who will be welcoming you with a wagging tail or a playful mewl when you arrive home if Buster cannot walk due to joint pain, or Kitty is grouchy because no … [Read more...]

Pet Nutrition – Hills, Burns, and Other Brands of Pet Food Products and Nutritional Supplements

Pet Food Nutrition and Your Pet’s Well-Being   Is your pet unusually sluggish and seemingly in a bad mood? Why not look into the hill of pet food it is wolfing down?   Pet nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your furry family member in good shape. … [Read more...]

Exercising your Dog

Just like people, dogs need daily exercise in order to remain healthy. But unlike many people, almost all dogs enjoy getting out and exercising. This can be the best part of a dog’s daily routine. The type and amount of exercise that a dog need differs primarily due to age, … [Read more...]

Controlling your Cat’s Weight through Exercise

Cats, just like people and dogs, need regular exercise.  Many cat owners don’t think to exercise their cats, because we generally don’t take them to the park, or on a walk, like we do routinely with dogs.  However, as a cat owner you should know that your cat’s inactivity … [Read more...]

Everyday Care: Hairballs in your Cat

Hairballs, which are technically trichobezoars, form in your cat’s gastrointestinal tract due to their grooming habits.  They generally occur in medium to long-haired cats.  If you have felt a cat lick you then you know that a cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper.  This is … [Read more...]

Everyday Care: Brushing your Cat

Cats are generally very fastidious and often prefer to groom themselves.  They can spend hours each day grooming themselves and typically do a very good job in keeping their coat appearing healthy.  Although most cats do a good job in grooming themselves it is important for … [Read more...]

Everyday Care: Bathing your Dog

Bathing your dog may be necessary to help maintain a clean coat, or in order to treat certain skin conditions using medicated shampoos. It is important to follow the directions from your veterinarian or on each shampoo bottle specifically, and these are only general … [Read more...]